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Swearing off…

I swore I wouldn’t take another remote mountain listing, but then I remembered that swearing got me to where I am today, happily tootling the mountains of Northern NM…  So here I am again, with an almost 200 acre parcel of rugged mountain ground in Trumbull Canyon, just north of Mora, NM.  Tall pines, fir and oak populate this property, along with diverse wildlife – and not much else. It’s wonderful to be alone out here – so quiet, and with a night sky people in cities would pay to see.   Running from the valley floor to the tops of rocky mountain ridges, this nicely proportioned property lends itself to privacy for you and yours.  2 miles from the highway, you’ll want 4 wheel drive to assure yourself of access in bad weather.  No utilities here (that’s one of the features that makes it remote!)

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                                              PRICE:  198 acres for $140,000


LOCATION:  Trumbull CanyonScreen Shot 2018-06-18 at 9.23.11 PM.  Trumbull Canyon is almost 7 miles north of Mora and to the west of Hwy 434.

ACCESS:  private easement, dirt

ACRES:  198+





SURVEY:  Yes – brand spanking new, so I can get our butts up there  Survey

TOPOGRAPHICAL OVERLAY: (I love maps!) JoyTopoSketch

TAXES:  $2219 in ’17 (The sellers have their tracts assessed separately, thus increasing the overall bill.   You should be able to reduce this amount significantly!)



Cebolla Canyon – SOLD!
May 7, 2018, 4:44 pm
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Tucked neatly into a quiet canyon 19 miles north of Las Vegas, this 27 acre parcel of mountain ground has great access – plenty of flat ground in front that allows for easy RV access, or space to tuck into the trees for additional privacy.  No close neighbors.  Runs south from the county road to the top of mountain (you can see it in the photos).  Look out over Cebolla Canyon’s serene setting and feel the love… Oh – and here’s a special feature we don’t see too often any more – owner financing possible! Call for details…

                                                                  PRICE:   $69,000.

ACREAGE:  27.352 acres

LOCATION:  Cebolla Canyon, 19 miles north of Vegas, 2 miles west

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 5.38.12 PM

ACCESS:  Mora County Road C-001 (good base course road)



UTILITIES:  Electric – none      Water – well needed  Gas– propane needed  Sewer – septic needed  Telephone & Internet – at front of property




SURVEY:  Yes  Plat

TAXES:  $198.09 in ’17







Chacon is a lush verdant valley, encircled by the Sangre de Cristos and Rincon Range, on the southern end of the Rockies.  This very special parcel of ground has interesting topography including a hillside that wraps around the homesite, with a pasture above and behind the home.  Bejeweled by a creek (hey, they’re hard to come by around here!) and lovely vistas, there’s room for both critters and outdoor living.  But the real prize here is the home.  A classic NNM adobe and rock home was completely renovated (except for the master bedroom suite) in 2012 – from the roof to the floors.  The massive walls were all that was left before the present home was created.  Radiant heated floors combine with bright light from copious windows to create a warm, comfortable living space.  Big rooms all, with tall ceilings and nichos scattered here and there.  The master bedroom, with its brick floors, cathedral ceiling, and mud plastered walls, exudes character with it’s own wood stove for ambiance.  I’ve got lots more to tell you about this house and how many different types of lifestyles it can accommodate  – call and ask questions, or just come and see.  It’s a rare opportunity in these parts!

 PRICE REDUCED!  $229,900!!!

LOCATION:  Chacon, NM  (about 45 miles from Taos, and 45 miles from Las Vegas – close to National Forest!)

ACCESS:  NM State Highway 121

ACREAGE:  3.91 acres

CONSTRUCTION:  Adobe, rock, frame

BEDROOMS:  Three                                       BATHROOMS: 1 & 3/4

‘EXTRA’ ROOMS – BIG loft, sunspace, large utility room.  Lots and lots of attic space for storage.

HEATING:  Radiant floor heat (propane) and 2 wood stoves

COOLING:  None required in NNM!

UTILITIES:  Electric:  Mora San Miguel Electric Co-op

Water:  Community system

Sewer:  septic

Gas:  propane

Telephone:  La Jicarita

Internet:  Fiber Optics!  Northern New Mexico Telcom

OUTBUILDINGS:  Old ‘dispensa’ – a large rock structure presently used as workshop, I’ve seen it used as a great guest space.  Also, old chicken coop/storage area.

FENCING:  Yes.  New coyote fence along roadside to maximize privacy.




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Christmas Tree Cabin – SOLD!
May 25, 2017, 8:38 am
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It’s gonna be a hot one this summer –  time to secure a cool getaway in the tall pines.  This homey cabin is tucked back into the far reaches of Christmas Tree Canyon, and is designed for simple living.  Spacious, open, with wood finishes everywhere that just feel good…  Located on a forested tract of land, with some views of rocky peaks from the wraparound deck that gives plenty (Plenty!) of outdoor living space.  Built on piers, the seller utilized the undercarriage of the house to serve as a 2 car garage – you can either close it in, or let it remain as a ‘carport’ with workshop and wood storage space.  There is a lift from this space up into the living area to keep you from having to carry groceries or wood up the steps -handy!

PRICE:  $149,900

LOCATION:  Christmas Tree Canyon, about 4 miles north of Mora, NM

ACREAGE:  4.73 acres

BEDROOMS:  Two                                                   BATHROOMS:  1 & 3/4

UTILITIES:  ELECTRIC: Mora San Miguel Electric Co-op

PROPANE:  privately owned tank

WATER:  private well

TELEPHONE:  La Jicarita

INTERNET – not currently installed, available through NNM Telecom

SEWER – private septic system




SURVEY:     Subdivision plat

PROTECTIVE COVENANTS: Christmas Tree Canyon Covenants & Amendment 







Hello World!
May 10, 2010, 9:50 am
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Hello World!

Just a few quick get started notes:

First, kudos to Tom, my computer guru, who ever so patiently teaches me how to do so much of what I’ve learned on the computer, so that I can better share information with you (and look more professional!).  It just goes to prove you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

This site will evolve, and I’ll get better at posting photos and maps and information you’d really like to know about a property before deciding if you want to see it in person.  Today (May 10, 2010) is my first stab at improving the way I deliver information to you about new listings.  Don’t hesitate to give me feedback on what you do and don’t like, and what you would prefer to see,  so that I can do a better job as we go along.

As elite  :<)  members of my mail list, you get sneak previews of my new listings before Anyone Else gets a peek – so you won’t find anything on my website immediately, but please don’t hesitate to visit there for information on all my other current listings.

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Thanks for looking!  Don’t hesitate to call me for more information, or to schedule a showing.


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