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Hello World!
May 10, 2010, 9:50 am
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Hello World!

Just a few quick get started notes:

First, kudos to Tom, my computer guru, who ever so patiently teaches me how to do so much of what I’ve learned on the computer, so that I can better share information with you (and look more professional!).  It just goes to prove you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

This site will evolve, and I’ll get better at posting photos and maps and information you’d really like to know about a property before deciding if you want to see it in person.  Today (May 10, 2010) is my first stab at improving the way I deliver information to you about new listings.  Don’t hesitate to give me feedback on what you do and don’t like, and what you would prefer to see,  so that I can do a better job as we go along.

As elite  :<)  members of my mail list, you get sneak previews of my new listings before Anyone Else gets a peek – so you won’t find anything on my website immediately, but please don’t hesitate to visit there for information on all my other current listings.

Sue’s website

Thanks for looking!  Don’t hesitate to call me for more information, or to schedule a showing.


Sue Strebe, Broker

Sue Strebe Real Estate
PO Box 381
Guadalupita, NM 87722



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Ms Strebe…

Enjoyed visiting your site – thanks for making the info so easy to access… I’m ready to BUY !!!



Comment by thfarrell

Sue (as in Tsunami),

You go girl. Am trying to borrow money from the grandkids so I can buy a piece of the rock.

Love you, Gramps

Comment by Gramps

Miss Sue,

Ah, this IS the land of enchantment! Interesting market you have out there. Pretty well divided between folks leaving, still fence sitting, and a passel of buyers. I’ve been trying to get to NM for years, ever since my friend, who is a super at Wood Design Build in Santa Fe moved there from Bend.
Now if we can just get this house sold in NC …(Really like the prop with the 4square on it.)

Cotton pickin’ Yankee wanna be cowpoke,

Comment by Dale

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